Why Choose Us?

Family Law is What We Do

At the Wells Law Firm, we focus on family law cases.

As a Wells Law Firm client, you’ll receive the benefit of that knowledge, skill, and focus. We’ll take care of all aspects of your case, no matter what the specific issues may be. That leaves you free to take care of yourself and your family, at a time when they need you the most.

Advocacy in Every Situation

When your case is subject to mandatory mediation …

When settlement is possible …

When litigation is necessary …

At every step of the way in your family law case, you’ll find nothing but strong, dedicated advocates and allies at Wells Law Firm.

Compassion Is the Heart of What We Do

It’s been said that legal conflicts concerning marriage and family are the most fraught, the most difficult, and the most high-stakes legal cases there are.

That may be true.

But at Wells Law Firm, we believe that legal representation and advocacy that is provided with compassion and rooted in respect will lay the foundation for a better life for you and your family well after your case is over.

Family and marital conflict can – and does – happen to folks from all walks of life. Experiencing that conflict doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It means you have the chance to reset your life and shape how your family’s future will unfold.

At Wells Law Firm, we believe each client is entitled to respect, compassion, support, and zealous legal advocacy. We live and practice those principles every day.