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Grandparent’s Rights

Perhaps no area of South Carolina family law has changed as much as the area of grandparental rights has in the past few years.

If you’re a grandparent seeking custody of your grandchildren, and one or more of the child’s parents are still alive, you must be ready to prove that you have been the child’s de facto parent or guardian with an exceedingly high degree of proof (“clear and convincing” evidence).

If you’re seeking visitation rights with your grandchild, a newly amended South Carolina statute makes it somewhat easier to prove your case. But still you must offer “clear and convincing” evidence of each requisite factor specified in that statute.

Grandparent rights cases depend on the grandparents ability to gather a sufficient quantity of persuasive evidence that is admissible in court. It’s imperative that you retain competent legal counsel to help you know exactly what kind and what amount of evidence will be required in your case.

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